About Us

Established back in 2000 by Nick Davies N-Duro Parts was developing race parts and axles for many years until Nick & Jayne Davies had to close the business in 2008. Agrimek ATV Solutions Purchased the Machinery, Stock and Programs from them to carry on the business at Agrimek’s base in Swansea. On moving the machines one of them had some damp ingress and caused some problems on starting up again so for 8 months we had to repair and re-setup both machines purchased before we could produce them again. We quickly got back up to producing good axles but in the downtime we had done a lot of research on the material used and found that we could produce a better quality axle by heat treating more before machining so this is what we did and ran a few test on the first axles produced. We had extremly good results and this is where the base for our new range of Nduro Axles started. We quickly expanded with a larger product range and started producing axles for all makes not only up to 2+2 but up to 7+7 for road use. Our European customers love this as most ATV’s are used on the road. We have also with help from one of our distributors passed TUV testing and they can help customers with their requirements to get their ATV’s onto the roads in Europe. ┬áN-Duro Performance Axles are now in full swing with another 4 Brand New CNC Machines installed to help with production.

So if you are looking for a good quality axle and need extreme quality, looks and performance then N-Duro is the axle for you!

Nduro Haas Mill