Using State Of The Art

CNC Machinery.

We use Very Modern Machinery to produce our axles, All Machines are Fully CNC controlled by the latest technology that allows us to check accuracy and quality on every single axle made. We do not mass produce any part – we make each and every one individually and test every part of the process to make sure that everything is correct and fits well.

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Our Axle Steel

Our Steel – Is a Very High Grade Aircraft Stainless, It is specially formulated by a Mill for us in the deep depths of Europe. We have added lots of ingredients to allow the axle to Spring but keep strong – it is also rolled and heat treated twice. each time it is made stronger and we have to use carbide tips to machine the steel as it is very very hard. We do not plate or Dip our axles, they are stainless so will never ever rust!!! A must to keep your ride looking fresh and new!

Axle Warranty

Standard, 1+1, 2+2 axles are covered by our Lifetime Warranty Against Breaking & Bending.

3+3 and upwards axles are not covered under warranty due to the nature of use.

Warranty Does NOT cover Thread Damage or damage caused while fitting or removing of the axle.

The Axle has to be registered and activated within 14 working days of purchase on the website. Please keep a copy of your confirmation as proof of warranty registration.

NO Postage Costs are covered for warranty and all postage costs to and from us are to be covered by the purchaser.

Warranty Is Non Transferable to a new purchaser.

Please keep a copy of your purchase receipt as you will need this to claim on the warranty.